defective scan

The following are the results from what might be the worst film-scanner in existence.  I've had run-ins with this scanner a few months ago, and ran away from it, started driving farther and paying more for dependable and high-quality scans.  But I felt today like experimenting, so I took the film from a recent collaboration with Ivett Toth, and had it developed improperly.  This scanner always renders my photos to look as though they were scanned from an issue of National Geographic from 1970--which, were I not so generally enthralled by grain and defects and vintage, or had I paid more than $3 for the service, I might be thoroughly disappointed by.  I might experiment more in the future with this horrible scanner.  Later in the week I'm going to have the these images scanned properly.

Unfortunately, the developers completely ruined a second roll of my film, which contained some photos of Ivett in a red dress.  But here are some of the results from the first roll: